What I Think About Now

This recurring ideal of being trapped inside of an abstract place is beginning to annoy me. What is abstract about confinement, and what can be concrete about imaginary walls? The mind is a powerful thing, and intelligence is expandable. How and when does one outgrow mental boundaries? After acceptance? Through fortification of positive and encouraging self-affirmation?

I read it was easier to write when groggy; that could either late or early, depending upon your sleep cycle. I’m more of a night owl, but have the discipline to be an early bird. My other features of positive report include tenacity and the ability to press more than what is expected of me without want for acknowledgement.

However now I’m beginning to think that the acknowledgement of such facts that was missing was my own; because for it to not be expected of me by others, it must not have been noticed by myself as something extraordinary. Ordinary things don’t get the attention they deserve unless they’ve been put on an endangered species list or part of a trend that is resurfacing from the past. My achievements must be praised by me first and the loudest before they are acknowledged as the extraordinary feats they are by someone else. Otherwise I’m just doing ordinary things that will eventually be in the limelight of someone else’s timeline… again.

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