thoughts of a success story

my pieces have to come together eventually
saying something I’ve told myself to tell myself again
who are you to judge
repeat offender unashamed sinner
holy redeemer,purchased at a price
what’s the cost of life
a million men marched so many more lost life as they knew it
gaining less than you know to be better than i was treated
don’t take this personal
it’s infinitely finite
my opinion shouldn’t be all that’s on your mind
facts are facts and lies are lies
somewhere in the middle is the option to decide
can I choose myself and still have you
would you leave me out of the extremities
i rethink my priorities when space is presented
we only get one moment at a time
i want to be present in as many of them as i can
the plans that were made for us are for our benefit
to build us and edify
your words are your bond because they give insight to your mind
i’m a good reader so why don’t you write me a line
i’m of moderate taste and lofty dreams
working too hard for the same patch of grass
i want a slim waist and broad shoulders
my ass could be fatter but i’m running faster and spending longer in the gym
but still i ain’t getting trim
i breathe heavy because of asthma
dealing with that everyday
i like man buns and dark shades
if you got big arms you can pull up
if you got sick runs; that ain’t enough
give me longevity you can keep the Defence
tell me something twice
affirm me
i’ll give you time out of the wood work
because if i wasn’t with you i’d be working

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