verse of the day: Proverbs 14:34
“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people.”

I was almost the responsible party in a auto accident yesterday. While driving tired(read: sleepy) and distracted(read: singing), I approached a stop light that turned yellow with anxiety because my tires AND brakes are not in top notch condition. I would’ve preferred to have stopped at the line with my right arm out stretched over the passenger seat sighing from exhausted frustration, but instead I swerved into a right turn to avoid stopping in the middle of the intersection, because I would’ve been blocking oncoming traffic traveling perpendicular to the direction I was originally heading.

As I crossed the bold solid white line  –  indicating where I would’ve stopped if I were driving under perfect conditions – and swerved into a right turn, the pearl Land Rover came into focus.

I thought to myself, “No, no, no. Hell no,” and cut the steering wheel further the right to increase the angle of the turn. I’m sure the driver of that Land Rover was inspired to scream at the sight of my vehicle hurling through the air towards the side of theirs. I couldn’t hear anything over the scream of my own tires, as I was firmly pressing the brake pedal until I came to a complete stop beside the pearl Land Rover. Although our vehicles never came into direct contact with each other, the driver of the Land Rover and I could’ve reached out of our windows and shook hands. Easily.

A rush of thanks fell into my pharynx, and gratitude poured out of me as I redirected myself to my starting route. I made a turn around in a church parking lot, and thought it funny how symptomatic it felt to be using that particular parking lot to get back on track. It’s just typical of somebody to almost experience catastrophe, then go to God to redirect their lives. Not staying long enough to walk the halls of the covering, just making a u-turn in the parking lot of salvation until the coast is clear.

I drove carefully the rest of the way home. Still tired(read: sleepy) and distracted(read: singing), however considerate to check my speed each time I turn unto that road. That’s what positive changes NEED to be cultivated into consistent action; consideration. Mindful thought toward the importance of doing what it is to be righteous in well doing.

I pensieri per quanto riguarda l’importanza delle azioni giuste . Piantare i giusti semi della campagna di sensibilizzazione per il cambiamento avvenga .

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